Moonscapes 7
28 Feb. 2016

  As winter 2016 has been anything but in central Pennsylvania, my nighttime photography has suffered. I became lucky last week, since my preference for snow on the ground was finally met. However, the moon was somewhat bright (past half full) and the sky misty, taking away somewhat from the experience.

The first photo has a few stars as well as trees and a snowy foreground.

Snow, trees, and stars
  Framing the Big Dipper is always fun.
Big Dipper
  The main plus with a bright moon is having moon shadows.
Moon shadows
  I suspect that will be it for this year, since the temperature is becoming warmer and warmer, and I doubt whether March will bring any snow.

Camera note: I used a Pentax K3, with the SMC-A f2.8 20mm lens, for these photos, from 16 February 2016.

Earlier moonscapes (2015)

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