Moonscapes 6
22 Mar. 2015

  Why I call these moonscapes is a little far-fetched, inasmuch as the moon had not risen while I was outside.

In the first, Venus is the center brightness high between two trees, which I call "The Dancers," with Mars between the lower trunks of the dancer on the right. The sun had set over an hour ago, but the red in the western sky is apparent.

Venus, Mars, trees
  A view of trees and stars along a trail in the Toftrees game land.
A starry trail
  Looking toward the Milky Way, with Cassiopeia in the lower right-hand corner.
Many stars
  Now that spring is here, I may wait until next winter to continue this series.

Camera note: I used a Pentax K3, with the SMC-A f2.8 20mm lens, for these photos, from 12 March 2015.

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