Sunset . . . with a little flare

During a craze of rush publishing projects, Sue and I relaxed on weekends by driving to the north fork of Long Island and staying at a motel, appropriately called the Sunset Motel. Outside on the balcony, we'd drink champagne and watch the sun set over the shore . . . among other things.

Sober or not, it doesn't do one's eyesight much good to stare at the sun directly, but its light at dusk is filtered through a greater extent of atmosphere, and so the sun just isn't as bright. Of course, it helps to take the shot as fast as possible.

Although various software applications allow the addition of flare, it is generally a set formula whereas nature produces its own types of . . . flare.

sunset (1)
Vertical flare.
sunset (2)
Flare as a golden cross.
sunset (3)
A ball of sun.
the sun
Via a 500mm lens (atmospheric flare).

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