For Katie
20mm lens and High Raise

  A 20mm lens for a 35mm camera falls into the general classification of ultra-wide angle. Its field of view is approximately twice as large as a typical 50mm lens. Whether used for closeups or landscapes, the 20mm lens enhances a scene.

During one of the most wet weeks (the one between November and December 1999) in one of the most wet areas of Europe, this was a particularly clear day for England's Lake District: The clouds stayed in their half of the sky. The viewpoint is from the final ascent to Sergeant Man, one of the three summits of High Raise. Windermere (the longest lake in England) is in the far distance on the left; Stickle Tarn is the bright mirror on the right.

Southward along Blea Rigg

  The 20mm photo below is of a very modest-sized tarn on the rounded summit of High Raise (about 3000 feet over sea level). Clouds hang immediately above and below.

Southward from the summit of High Raise

  The Pentax 20mm is one of three that I call the "Katie lenses" since I won them in an auction at Ebay and purchased them from Katie last year. As she has good karma, so do the lenses.

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