Miscellaneous 2013
Three Bird Photos
Sept. 2, 2013

In returning to my website, I thought to present a variety of photos to represent summer days that I had missed. This miscellaneous page is for birds; the other two I've put up today are for butterflies and damselflies, each having three (colorful) photos.

There is something wonderful about watching a great blue heron in flight, especially if the heron flies reasonably close.  

Great blue heron flying

A male kingfisher hovering over the Toptrees pond.  
Kingfisher hovering

Somehow, referring to a green heron as "green" doesn't do the heron any justice. The green heron has many different colors.  
Green heron

At one point, I had intended to put up a sequence of this particular green heron, and maybe I'll get to it one of these days.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K20D, with the Sigma 150-500mm lens, for these photos taken during summer 2013 (well, the kingfisher was actually photographed in May 2013 - but it's close to summer).

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