A hummingbird clearwing

Since a snowberry clearwing featured in my previous post, I thought it fair to have a hummingbird clearwing (Hemaris thysbe) be the subject of this one.

A hummingbird clearwing is the larger of the two hummingbird-type moth, about half again a large as a snowberry clearwing. And like the snowberry, the hummingbird clearwing is incredibly beautiful.

Following are ten photos of hummingbird clearwings – all seen in my backyard.

Hummingbird clearwing (moth) over bee balm flowers.
The hummingbird clearwing is fond of butterfly bush flowers.
The hummingbird clearwing at another butterfly bush.

And so there you have it: Ten photos of a glorious daytime moth: a hummingbird clearwing.

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