A Green Heron

Typically, in early spring, the local green heron (unless there is more than one, which is very possible) and I play a simple game by the Toftrees pond. As soon as I see it, the heron flies away, generally low and close to the pond surface. Inevitably that puts bushes and trees between the heron and me, making photography next to impossible.

However, for whatever reason, on a day in late April, the green heron ignored me. Actually, I didn’t catch sight of it until after I had already walked past the bird. But I made up for lost time, photographically speaking.

At first I was pleased to be able to take a clear portrait of the green heron.

Green heron.

Then I realized that the heron had an excellent reflection, which I was happy to capture (although its bill is somewhat distorted).

Green heron and reflection.

I proceeded farther along the pond, and on my return I took another photo from a somewhat different angle.

Green heron.

Of course the larger question whenever seeing or photographing a green heron is why the heron is called a “green” heron. The heron has vivid reds, blues, and yellows – but no green.

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