Dogwood Blossoms

Dogwood blossoms are unique, which is another way of saying that they’re easy to identify. The blossoms are also beautiful.

I took the first two photos after a walk in the game land (the tree is close to my front door), and I had ideal weather, a bright blue sky that helps show off the blossoms.

Dogwood blossoms.
Dogwood blossoms.

The second two photos are from the following day, in which the sky wasn’t quite so blue (because a high haze was forming), but I tried to compensate for that in Photoshop.

Dogwood blossoms.
Dogwood blossoms.

Spring is incredible . . . at least when it comes to the blossoms everywhere.

Chet Gottfried

About Chet Gottfried

I live with my wife Sue in Cooper's Pond, State College, Pennsylvania, and next to a game land, which is convenient for walking, photography, and thinking of new stories.
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