A Sunday walk in the game land

The morning was overcast but dry, and whereas the previous week I had no photos, this Sunday made up for that.

The first bird I came across (that is, one close enough to photograph) was a white-throated sparrow, one of several. The white throats are among the winter birds of central Pennsylvania.

A white-throated sparrow.

Overnight the temperature went below freezing, so there were a number of different ice forms to photograph, including this one of thousands of icicles.

Thousands of icicles.

High overhead a trio of turkey vultures were circling, looking here and there. Below is one of them, turkey vultures being among the most effortless flyers.

A turkey vulture.

Next comes one of those strange photographs, one that I find exceedingly pleasing. I call it an antlered branch creature. Awesome antlers! Note the eyes too.

An antlered branch creature.

Toward the end of my walk I came across a yellow-bellied sapsucker. For whatever reason, I come across one or another of them in January.

A yellow-bellied sapsucker.

It was definitely a good walk.

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