The end of a year

I’m looking forward to the end of 2022, which has been beyond terrible. That’s not exactly true. The year hit its main downturn in November, in terms of health and peace of mind. That said, I hope that 2023 will see the return of life as normal.

It hasn’t been all bad in 2022. November began as a high point with two of my short stories published. In early November, Samjoko published my fantasy, “A Light in the Forest,” a mixture of comedy and a very odd situation. In the end of November, Electric Spec published my science fiction story “Bliss,” which presents another mixture of comedy and an odd situation. Also, by the end of the month I finished my Nano novel, a continuation of The Gilded Basilisk.

One other note of interest, in December, on Christmas, I had an interesting visitor: an adult Cooper’s hawk. First the hawk perched in my backyard, but the camera angle wasn’t too good. I was almost parallel with the glass door, with the glass diffraction making the background somewhat unusual.

Backyard Cooper’s hawk

The Cooper’s wasn’t too thrilled about being photographed and resettled in the side yard. There I had a better photo, although the view is somewhat obscured by small branches.

Side yard Cooper’s hawk

To conclude, I wish everyone a Happy New Year with the hope that 2023 will be a good year for all of us.

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