Bluebirds Having Fun

I tend to think of birds, or animals in general, as being too busy with the stuff of life (such as eating, sleeping, and so forth), but they do have a sense of fun or – given that bluebirds are my subject here – of happiness.

The first photo doesn’t appear particularly “fun-like,” but the eastern bluebirds were only beginning.

Eastern bluebirds.

It does look as if one of the bluebirds was being driven away, but he was soon back.

Eastern bluebirds – at rest, mostly.

After sitting quietly for some seconds, the game began.

Eastern bluebirds having fun.

One bluebird flew around the trunk to find out what was what with another bluebird.

Eastern bluebirds: Lining up.

Note how one bluebird carefully lines up with another.

Eastern bluebirds having fun.

And take that!

Nothing like a little push to make someone’s day.

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