The Feb. 17, 2003, Snowstorm
Nighttime Photos, Mechanically and Naturally

  The snowstorm on 17 Feb. 2003 was unusual inasmuch as most of the accumulation occurred in the late afternoon. Just about everyone in Saddle Rock, Long Island, stayed home that day, which is just as well. Many drivers got stuck in drifts at one point or another.

Around 9 o'clock that evening, Sue and I went for a walk, and I took along my Sony digital camera. It seems that nighttime is terrific for snow photography, which offers excellent contrast between the snow's brightness and the inherent darkness.

The "mechanical" shot is a snowplow appearing in the night as some old-style monster of yore past.

  My guess is that the round points of light are ice crystals reflecting the flash, since it had stopped snowing but the wind kept ice and snow in the air.
  Above, a blue spruce is draped in snowy beauty, highlighted in the dark.

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