The Jan. 20-21, 2001, Ice Storm
and the Corkscrew Willow

  For Holbrook, Long Island, the storm of Jan. 20-21 combined ice and snow, but whereas the snow was soon blown away by fierce winds, the trees were encased by the ice.

The corkscrew willow was forced to the ground by the weight of the ice, though the tree still looks very graceful.

Iced corkscrew willow
  Seen close (three cheers for macros!), even the smallest twig is completely encrusted by the ice.
ice twig
  And from just a little ways back, the spiraling branches of the corkscrew willow form an incredible ice maze.
ice maze
  Those folks with sympathy for the plight of trees will be happy to know that the willow shed its ice and righted itself after only a few days.

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