Ladybug AnticsJuly 2002

Ladybugs (or, in British, ladybirds) seem to regard 2002 as a great year. I've never seen more of them in all types of poses and mischief.

The two below had the larger and well-spotted ladybug quite still beneath the frantic small ladybug. I have no idea if the little guy was a child, friend, or lover, but he (or she) was quite busy gyrating across big Bertha.

Friends, family, or lovers

The black-eyed Susans have just come into full bloom. Right before the flowers were about to open, the ladybug population was particularly heavy with pairs and single ladybugs around the buds. One could call it a ladybug dancehall.
Ladybug working black-eyed Susan

It is somewhat more difficult to see (since in photographing I compensated for shade), but the ladybird below was having a quiet nap in the shade of a partially opened daisy. A few of the more vertical petals made a very beautiful parasol.
Ladybird dozing in daisy shade


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