Ladybug ExtremesJuly 2001

Is there any insect more appealing than a ladybug? (In England, incidentally, it's known as a ladybird.)

Whenever walking, I'm always looking for one to photograph. To my surprise I not only came across a ladybug willing to keep reasonably still but saw that it had only a single spot. If that isn't an extreme ladybug . . .
Spot the ladybug
When Sue and I returned home after the walk, I felt something moving in my hair: another ladybug! So I carefully removed the little guy, took him (or her) outside, and placed the tyke on our trumpet vine. (The trumpet vine flowered beautifully last year. This year it has done nothing but sprout leaves, which means that I was probably supposed to clip something at sometime or another.)

This second ladybug was almost solid spots. The little fellow did various gymnastics on the tiny leaves while I attempted to photograph him. One shot came out reasonably well (although he did have to duck his head) before he flew away.

Leopard ladybug

Between the extremes of one spot and many spots, I figure I met the average ladybug in the course of the morning.

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