The Jan. 2000 Ice Storm
via macro, part 1: branches

  However terrible and however much damage ice storms cause, the end result has a particular beauty: encased in ice, an object appears as if it would last forever. The Panagor 90mm macro lens is well suited for capturing this glimpse of eternity.

Of course, the problem of file size for the web still exists, but at 500 pixels across, the following photos capture something of the mood. Also, following the request of one visitor, I've an enlargement of a photo (one per each of the two pages on this subject) on a separate page for the truly curious.

Encased in ice, the small branch below looks like an artist's stroke: a bold, vivid stroke with a sable brush.

ice coat

  Here is an equally small branch, but its coating of ice is topside, with a teardrop stalactite forming below. The ice is thick enough to refract light, so that there seems to be two branches.
ice droplet

  Ice has captured branch and buds. There are some beautiful colors in the photo, which is perhaps better seen in its enlargement.
ice enclosed

  If branches imitate the stroke of a sable brush (that is, one broad, smooth stroke), then pine needles imitate a bristle brush, with many individual lines.

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