A Firry Snowman
and Iced Grass

  The last snowstorm in the beginning of March 2001 began as sleet before changing to snow. The frozen sleet provided a firm base upon which the following snow could stick, and one small fir tree was completely covered by the middle of the storm.

With two eye patches left open, the firry snowman resembles a goblin from the mythic past (surely everyone has heard of the great goblin of Holbrook?).

Firry snowman
  Whereas I feel particularly proud of the large array of prime lenses I've accumulated, from 17mm to 300mm, Sue has a very happy time with her point-and-shoot camera. Her sharp eyes let her find photos that I often ask myself, Now why didn't I see that?

Below, during the previous icestorm Sue found one patch in which some grass - totally encased by ice - poked through a shallow layer of snow.

Iced grass

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