The Fisheye
and the Corkscrew Willow
May 2003


  For the most part, I'm content to have my web images to be somewhat small (that is, less than 35K), but there comes a time when the detail of an extreme wide angle calls for something larger. For those of us with regular modems, please note that each of the following thumbnails goes to a page of about 100k. I think it's worth the download time.

Although I've concentrated on macros this spring, one day I went about with a fisheye lens, in Saddle Rock, Long Island, since the spring is a particularly good time for tree photos. There are enough leaves to suggest overall shape, but the leaf cover isn't so vast as to obscure the shape and direction of the branches. For a photograph of a corkscrew willow, the branch spirals are a good part of the fun.

The results surprised me: From the same corkscrew willow, one photo came out extremely relaxing.
A relaxing corkscrew willow
The other photo came out very dynamic, very frenzied.
A frenzied corkscrew willow
So it depends on your mood, whether you wish to be entertained by a photo suited for relaxation or anxiety or both.

Restful corkscrew willow   |   Restless corkscrew willow

Iced corkscrew willow   |   Spring tree seeds including corkscrew willow

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