The Bunny Hop
an eastern cottontail at Saddle Rock
1 June 2003

Beginning at the end of 2002 and going into 2003, the eastern cottontails have done very well at Saddle Rock, Long Island. And although I've a number of good photos of younger rabbits, I happen to enjoy the following sequence, even if the second photo isn't all it should be.

Sue and I were approaching the wetlands when she pointed out a pair of rabbits. I saw one and took a quick photo. Most animals stay still and try to determine whether they've been seen. It usually allows at least one snapshot.
eastern cottontail
The bunny decided enough was enough, and in the middle of my focusing on the second shot, at a higher zoom, it took off.

Talk about legs!

bunny hop

I find it curious that the rabbit, at rest, could have concealed such a long body and such long legs. I now know to be a little more cautious when zooming in on rabbits.

Photography note: Both pictures were taken with a Pentax LX and the SMC 400-600 reflex lens, probably closer to 600mm.


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