Little Bunny & Big Leaf
At the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, Long Island

Trying to find out how steady I could hold a long telephoto lens (a couple of years ago), I went to the arboretum, because I was pretty certain that I'd come across a good subject. My guess was that I'd be lucky with a bird, but what I came across was an interesting young bunny (an Eastern Cottontail).

Bunny sidled up to a very big leaf while I was focusing on him - or her.

Bunny meets leaf

  Almost immediately, the leaf was off the bush and hanging in bunny's mouth.
Bunny bites leaf

  Without any apparent effort, the bunny sipped up the leaf the way a person might sip up a strand of spaghetti. (This happened very quickly: I was taking multiple shots automatically.)
Bunny swallows leaf

  Knowing that the arboretum has any number of choice leaves from just about any tree or bush one could imagine, the bunny moved into some comfortable shade before deciding on the next delicacy.
Young bunny moves on

  Camera note: At the time I had bought in close succession a Pentax 300mm A* f4 lens and and the Pentax A 1.4 and 2.0 multipliers. For this sequence I used the 300mm lens with the 2X multiplier.

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