Canada Geese
Learning to Walk, part 1

Particularly in the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, the Canada geese are large (near swan-sized) and magnificent birds free to roam around extensive lawns, next door to a very convenient estuary. [Note: I once called them Canadian geese, but as someone told me, Canada geese is correct.]
Canada Goose

  However, as most everyone else, the elegance is something which the geese grow into. During adolescence they are noisy, nosey, and altogether troublesome. They are decidedly lacking in the grace department. Nevertheless, even the adolescent with its tiny wings can walk tall with the best of them.
Canada adolescent

  It is during the gosling phase, that the Canada goose is nothing more than a ball of fluff . . . though the gosling below does seem to be walking okay along with cheers of encouragement from both its parents.
Canada Gosling

  However, the little guy's walk soon fell apart, as seen on the following page.

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