Flower Macros of Autumn
at Saddle Rock, Long Island
October 2003


With the exception of the mums, the flowers here had their highlights by midsummer. These macros represent the few that keep hanging in there, giving that much more color to the landscape. (The thumbnails lead to images that average about 30K.)

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Isn't "heal-all" a terrific name! According to one fieldguide, heal-all is an introduced flower (a member of the mint flamily) and used in various herbal cures. The pyramidal flower base is rather small, perhaps a half inch or so in diameter.

I first began noticing them in the early summer, but a few plants are still blooming.

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Although a traditional autumn flower, the mums began appearing by early summer; however, they are going strong as of the beginning of October.
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I cannot help but feel that I should know the name of this flower: the cluster of star-shaped petals is only about a half inch in diameter.

These star-shaped flower clusters were among the earlier ones of spring, and then they disappeared. In the beginning of autumn, this cluster appeared and opened and was duly photographed.

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By the middle of September, the beautiful displays of tiger lilies had ended, but a few buds remain, and one by one, into October, single flowers display beautifully, particularly after a light rain.
Photography note: The photos were taken with a digital Sony F707 and a variety of closeup filters.  

Dewdrop macros and Indian blanket

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