Indian Blanket (Showy Gaillardia)
at Saddle Rock, Long Island,
in July 2002

  Whether known by its politically insensitive name Indian Blanket or its mouthful Showy Gaillardia (Gaillardia pulchella), the flower is a singleton at Saddle Rock (but at home in the southwest). Nevertheless, its blooms were profuse during July and, now, in the beginning of September, this annual still has continuous blooms.

Below, the showy globe in the lower-left-hand corner is the leftover seedpod, itself being very attractive.

Indian Blanket
  Seen altogether, new flowers, old flowers, pods, Indian Blanket is a splendor of rich and varied colors.
Showy Gaillardia
  Photography note: The pictures were taken with a Sony F707 in July 2002.
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