Love of light
Stills from my Hyperlane AVI filler


film strip 1

Light has always fascinated me, whether light streaks through water or a mist suddenly illuminated at twilight. Once near sunset I saw a number of large Vís of birds -- swans or cranes very far away -- looping around forming a huge ring in the sky and the sun glinting off the birds so they glistened like diamonds sparkling on the strands of a necklace. Truly beautiful. Pity I was driving at the time.

So what better rendering challenge than to work solely with light? Forget objects! Forget things . . . all I wanted was light . . .


Throughout the 36 frames of my Hyperlane animation, there are no visible objects. The "star" being subjected to the "black hole" is a light source. And everything else is either a glow or a reflection.

Of course the basic situation itself is unstable, which allows the random light show. In the first sequence, a stream of matter suddenly pours from the left side of the star. In the second sequence, an entire sheet of glow is shed, and in this time-lapsed aspect, it is very close in appearance to an aurora.

I'd like to say that I planned the entire animation ahead of time, but it was the result of chance, which I then proceeded to modify.

Hey! That's light! filler

film strip 2


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