What you see above is what you should get in any javascript-capable browser (from Net 3 or IE 3 and above) . . . and here are a few pointers if you're not familiar with either frames or javascript.

The following files are included in the zip:

    bar_base.htm: Sets up the frames
    colorbar.htm: Includes the javascript coding
    f.htm: Blank target file
    readme.txt: Text version of this file
Bar_base.htm has all the frame instructions to give you a moderate size frame for a title or a banner at the top of your page; the color bar frame; the main file frame which has whatever you wish to have; and the javascript code.

You do have to make a few changes to bar_base.htm:

  • Give it a title (between the commands <title> and </title>).

  • Replace the meta tag ending in "f.htm"


    with the name of the desired HTML file if a browser cannot understand javascript.

  • Insert the name of your HTML file that has your title or banner.

  • Insert the name of your principal HTML file.
Important note: Anytime one uses HTML files in frames, the "a href" code should be extended. For example, here's a normal URL given in a normal page:

<a href="http://www.lookoutnow.net">Look Out!</a>

Here's a URL which is in a frame:

<a href="http://www.lookoutnow.net" target="_top">Look Out!</a>

Including target="_top" gets a visitor out of a frame, which means that you will have happier visitors.

Any questions, feel free to send email to me,

Chet Gottfried

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