Yes People   

Yes people are inspired by money and are generally found anywhere millions readily flow. Of course, many yes people are willing to practice at the lower levels. At this one particular meeting of the staff and crew of a TV show which was merrily going down the tubes, the CEO was present.

The CEO, a lion of industry, written up in various magazines as the executive to be, and published in any number of best this and best that lists, was brilliant, scintillating, and extremely capable.

guiding light

Needless to say, the entire staff was scared shitless, from the avant-garde director who dropped George Crumbs all over the place to an extremely artistic producer who went into a fetal position in her office to show everyone how creative she was.

At the meeting a producer, whose main claim to fame was vanishing inside his office till the end of day when he promptly left, said how CEO was sure to inspire everyone. And after CEO listened to all sorts of promises and dreams, she told everyone where it all went wrong.

She said that it was simply ridiculous to have any segments on dieting, because (1) anorexia was far more of a problem and (2) the show came on immediately after dinner and no one wanted to hear about dieting after dinner. But she had a solution: What the world was interested in and what the world would like to see is colon cancer. She visualized that after dinner everyone would want to watch a tube with a miniature camera being stuck up someone's ass.

The avant-garde director made an impromptu speech of thanks for the brilliant insight. He would have been more impressive if he hadn't developed the most stuttering stutter a stutterer ever stuttered. For that matter, I suppose it became a game as to who could thank her the most.

The show soon disappeared completely, but the CEO went on to ever greater fame and glory.

Look Out!