Centre County PAWS Walk-A-Thon
April 18, 2009

Centre County PAWS, in conjunction with Alpha Kappa Psi, held its first Walk-A-Thon on April 18, 2009, in the heart of State College. People and dogs got together to promote responsible pet ownership and to raise money for PAWS on the 2.3-mile walk.

(PAWS is a no-kill shelter and has great dogs and cats for adoption.)

To begin, everyone signed in at the PAWS pavilion. Cathy Kassab (second from the right) was busily registering the A-L's.

PAWS sign in

Walkers and volunteers from across State College mingled together before the walk began.
PAWS Walk-A-Thon volunteers

How did I become part of this? My wife Sue is one of the Monday-Wednesday morning PAWS volunteers, and the people on her shift formed the Wag More Bark Less team, and I became a de facto member for the walk.
Wag More Team: Jim (with Chippy), Sue, Courtney, and Mark (with Jackson)

Most of the members of the team are in the above photo: From left to right, Wag More includes Jim (with Chippy), Sue, Courtney, and Mark (with Jackson).

Before the walk began, Bob Barry gave a rousing speech.

B0b Barry addresses walkers

And at last the guiding leader of the Wag More Bark Less team is seen, Ellen holding the banner that she designed and created and that her husband Jim put together for the day. (That's Maxine being walked; she's hoping to be adopted.)
Wag More Team in action

Saturday was rather warm, and although there were water stations along the way, some felt the heat more than others.

Little Pedro, who is currently at PAWS and hoping to be adopted, decided to take a rest in the shade. Luckily for Pedro, a kind driver gave him a lift to help finish the walk.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K200D, with the SMC-A 20mm lens for these photos.

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