The View Outside
at Cooper's Pond
Jan. 6, 2014

An alternative (and longer) title would be "Looking outside at night after a snowfall from my home at Cooper's Pond."

Over the years I've lived in varous urban and suburban areas, but moving to Cooper's Pond, in State College, has changed my life. Rather than having a view outside of other houses and neighbors, from the living room I look out toward the Toftree's game land, home to a large variety of birds and animals.

The side yard
  The snow shows that a rabbit or rabbits have been busy looking for food.

The backyard also looks out toward the game land.

The backyard
  No tracks in the snow - yet - although come the morning, there'll be many birds looking for food, as well as having a drink (once I clear the blue bowl, seen on the left side).

Photography note: The photos were taken with a Pentax K20D and the Sigma 10-20mm lens on the evening of January 2, 2014.  

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