Complex Ice ArtworkJanuary 4, 2022


It has been many years since I've shown any icicle photos, and in the warmer weather, the icicles are significantly smaller. Nevertheless, there is a certain beauty in number or in other considerations, such as sunlight.

The first photo has a pointillistic viewpoint. (Pointillism is the painting technique in which the paint strokes are limited to dots.)

Ice pointillism

While there aren't any icicles per se in the photo above, the ice reflected the sunlight in many brilliant dots.

Next is a study of tiny icicles and frozen leaves, together making an interesting pattern.

Ice and leaves

The third photo shows two tiers of icicles, in the foreground and background.
Icicle tiers

The final photo is one of overwhelming numbers of icicles: thousands and more than thousands.
Bunny in the snow

What I find particularly interesting in the photo is that the overall shape of the icicles is in various arches. You can see minor arches in the foreground toward the ground, and there is the greater arch in the branches above.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K3-II, with the Pentax-D FA 150-450mm lens, during December 2021 for these photos.  

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