Ice PatternsDecember 27, 2009


The following scene from the Toftrees game land is about ten minutes walking distance from where I live.
Snow and ice pond in Toftrees game land
  The small pond looks reasonably flat, and flat ice is supposedly flat ice. Imagine my surprise then when I looked straight down at an overflow area of the pond.
Ice pattern, shade

Any conclusions?

Perhaps. Ice may freeze flat, but if something upsets the water, then cleavage lines will form.

Does that sound reasonable? I don't know, but ice is amazing. Here's another view (straight down) of the fractured ice further along the overflow area.

Ice pattern, sunlight

The most noticeable difference between the two ice patterns is the former was photographed in shade and the latter in sunlight.

On the other hand, maybe there were other factors that provoked further differences. Whatever the reason, ice is an excellent subject for photography.

Photo note: I used a Pentax K20D, with the SMC-DA 55-300mm lens, on December 24, 2009, for these photos.  

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