Eagle Watch: The June 17, 2010, Canoe-Kayak Paddle
at Bald Eagle State Park, Pennsylvania
June 27, 2010


The second paddle across the lake at Bald Eagle State Park (BESP) to visit the bald eagle family occurred on June 17, 2010, only six days after the first paddle. I guess about a dozen of us (guided by ranger Nick Thomas of BESP and Ed Bowman of Tussey Mountain Outfitters) went across the lake.

Have the three eaglets progressed much in the way toward adult development? I'm not sure, but if you look at the photos of the previous paddle, the tummy feathers on the eaglets look more developed: more like feathers instead of down.

Three BESP bald eaglets

As in the June 10 paddle, the adult bald eagles were not present.

I wonder why? In previous years, the adults generally appeared, if only to check us out.

We paddled along the shore heading east and had a pleasant surprise: a Basic II bald eagle. A Basic II means that the eagle was born last year, and the odds are that it is one of the eaglets that we had seen (and photographed) at the nest the previous year.

Basic II bald eagle

I wish good fortune to all these bald eagles, young and old. They're magnificent birds.


Photo note: I used a Pentax K20D, with the SMC-DA 55-300mm lens, for the photos taken on June 17, 2010.  

The June 10, 2010, bald eagle padde.

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A soaring one-year-old bald eagle

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