Eagle Watch: The Second Canoe-Kayak Paddle
at Bald Eagle State Park, Pennsylvania
June 2005


The second kayak-canoe paddle across the lake to visit the bald eagle nest began under unfavorable conditions. The weather forecast was for thunderstorms and more thunderstorms. It was a dark evening with low clouds, and we were warned to be prepared to return on a moment's notice.

Not only did the weather hold, but the sun broke through the clouds just as we reached the far side of the lake, where the eagle's nest was. To further enhance the opportunity, one of the two adults returned to the nest to oversee our viewing.

Following is one of the photos from the "sun" portion of the visit. Both the adult and the eaglet are somewhat above the nest. Or what is left of the nest. The two youngsters in exercising have also been destroying the nest. Kids. At this point, the eaglets are about eleven or twelve weeks old.

Bald eagle and eaglet

Park ranger Spring Reilly led the paddle (with Ed from Tussey Mountain Outfitters following somewhat behind the group to make sure nothing unfortunate happened to anyone).
Spring Reilly leads the way

After the clouds closed in, photography was quite a challenge. The following shot isn't particularly good but does show the two eaglets and the adult in their white pine. What's left of the nest can be seen somewhat below and to the left of the fork.
Three bald eagles: one adult and two eaglets


  • Spring Reilly has a varied and busy program for just about everyone at Bald Eagle State Park, Pennsylvania
  • For learning about, renting, or buying a kayak: Tussey Mountain Outfitters
  • By eagle-watching spot at the end of the park road Hunter Run, you'll probably come across Ron Shaffer. He has beautiful photos of the eagles (as well as other wildlife), two scopes set up so visitors can clearly see the nest, and a visitor log that everyone should sign.
Photo note: I used a Pentax *ist D, with the SMC 400-600mm reflex lens for all three photos.  

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