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Crested newt

Egg-laying contest

Newt Notice: The Stanley Green Pond Watch Group, to help preserve a breeding ground of the rare great-crested newt, had a website; but the site has vanished. Too bad. Sounded like a good group making a good effort for a good cause.

Visit the prime newt for a complete newt cartoon list.

Before What's-His-Name became the You-Know-What, anyone interested in newts knew and loved Karel Capek's book War with the Newts. (John Heidemann has an excerpt from the novel.)

Capek's book was the direct inspiration for my newt cartoons, which have been published in various little magazines in both the States and England. I had put together fifty of them in a manuscript entitled 50 Newts for All Occasions but didn't get anywhere marketing it. Happens.

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