Newts passed but present
Welcome to the Newt Archives 4
With mushroom

At one point (when there seemed to be more time for life in general) I generally closed my (friendly) letters with a newt of some sort. As I grew to like the newts more and more (and as there was less and less time for personal letters), I decided to draw a series of 5- by 7-inch cartoons. This was the first -- I had thought of the newts as friendly little creatures back then . . .

And Mr. Dragon

Of course, in terms of day-to-day events, the newts began taking to drink -- with all the consequent problems. What else can you do if you have an artist like me drawing you?

I can't remember whether my "first" newt was published, but I'm pretty sure the latter has been in the Home Planet News, a very good small press periodical (which may not be around anymore).

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