Flash COLOR Bars

Note: Browsers from 2021 or more recent no longer run Flash animations. Sorry.

For a mere 2 or 3K, you can add a dynamically changing, 3D color bar to your pages via Macromedia's Flash (for noncommercial usage). The six color bars on this page vary by type of color change and the length of the loop.

Bar 1 (2K)

Bar 2 (2K)

The advantages of Flash do come at a small price: You have to insert object and embed commands (in order to play in Internet Explorer and Netscape, respectively) on the target page (unless you use a visual html editor that incorporates Flash).

Note: Each bar is downloaded via a zip that includes a text file with the necessary command string.

Among the considerations for change is the background color of the bar. Although I set the default color to white, you can change the color specification, so that the Flash bar can run with any background color. For instance, in the object and embed specification above, I changed the background color to black (#000000); in the middle group, white is already listed (#ffffff); and in the final group, pale blue (#dbf5fd).

Bar 3 (2K)

Bar 4 (2K)


The overall dimension of the Flash animation is 640 by 36 pixels, and the bar itself is 18 pixels high. Download the zip by clicking on the bar name or take all six at once. Enjoy!

Bar 5: longer loop (3K)

Bar 6: longer loop (3K)


If you use any of the bars on this page, please credit lookoutnow.com. Thanks!

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