Cloudberry's Favorites

Cats pretty much enjoy what everyone enjoys -- pizza, ice cream, and Chinese takeout -- that is, all the finer qualities of life.

The greatest temptation, though, is not the freshly roasted turkey in the oven, nor the opened tin of tuna (though admittedly both items comes close). It is neither the joy of a fresh catnip toy nor the excitement of unfresh underwear left on the floor. No . . . what draws Cloudberry like a flash of lightning through the home is the aroma of Italian bread crossing the threshold . . .

all-time favorite treat

Checkpoint Cloudberry.

Of course, on the subject of favorite treats, breakfast cannot be passed over. And a breakfast without a generous serving of smoked Gouda is not something to be lightly endured.

Hanging ten

Listening to music and hanging ten while waiting for service.

Cloud doesn't always think about food; she has a special purr whenever receiving fan mail from the award-winning Kimba, who has an autographed photo from Cloud.


Kimba at rest (after daydreaming
about Cloud).


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