Coming of Age
A George Tale

So when does a cat become an "adult"?

I suppose I took it for granted that after a cat reaches sexual maturity, at about 6 months, that was that: no more kitten antics, just the arch feline stare of superiority.

But George at 2 years of age still bounces after Cloudberry, in particular, as he attempts to pick up her various games and mannerisms. In regard to both Sue and me, George is also still learning the ins and outs of feline existence. For instance, of all the different poses a cat can take while having its photo taken, I would not have expected the "hidden under the bed" approach.

Under the bed

  Perhaps the best cure for antisocial, under-the-bed behavior is gentle restraint. If the camera is not going to harm the person holding the cat, then the cat should be okay too.
Held George

  The good news is that the human in question escaped from the photo shoot without any significant scratches.

Ultimately, perseverance pays off, and George (at a little past 2 years: the collegiate years of feline life) can now face a camera, any camera, with the benign indifference that cats are able to carry off so well.

Relaxed George

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