Reflections on the New Year

The picture below could be a dreamy painting by Bonnard . . .
By Bonnard?

. . . the row of attached houses beneath a pastel sky and between a pair of old, thick trees.

In truth, however, the attached houses at Saddle Rock are well after Bonnard's time, and the picture is no painting but the reflection in a cat's eye.

In this case the cat happened to be Lucy, and I happened to be testing a newly purchased digital camera (the Sony F707).

From the photo below, one can just make out the row of houses reflected in each of Lucy's eyes.

The eyes

The photo above is the same resolution as the actual digital photo (even if, for web purposes, the detail isn't all here). The overall photo of Lucy (in feline harness) on the balcony follows:
A Lucy portrait

So one could say that I was lucky to notice the reflection in her eyes. Of course, there's a secret as to what I notice and don't notice on any particular photograph.

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