There are probably many cats who are more shy than Muffin is; I just haven't met them.

Muffin greenery

Behind greenery.

Muffin has mastered every back route in the apartment, ascertained every deep hiding spot, and knows every shadow. Her primarily level of contact is play, play, play, but when she was about ten months old, Muffin hurt her leg during a particularly wild play session with a superball. According to the vet, her knee sockets are very shallow causing the bone to lose the groove, so to speak.

Since Muffin lived to play, it became a question of finding stationary games for her, and Muffin's favorite became tinker toys.

Tinker toys

Muffin's favorite tinker toy.

As she became older, the problem seem to lessen, but she just couldn't play as she did before. I thought the best cure would be another cat, and so Cloudberry entered the household. Cloud also enjoys a good play, and her favorite play is chasing Muffin. It doesn't matter that Muffin is the larger and stronger of the two; Muffin must be the target (though in all fairness to the two girls, they reverse roles very often).

Cloudberry's attention to Muffin seems to have been the best cure for Muffin's leg problem, since within a few months, Muffin regained her former speed. True, she has a setback every so often, but through attention from Cloud, Muffin is not allowed to feel sorry for herself and is forced to regain top form within a couple of days.


Ready Muffin.

Muffin's favorite seasons are spring and fall. In the spring she loves being on the balcony to watch the blossoms of the nearby crabapple tree float off in the wind. And in the fall she goes berserk trying to capture every single leaf that blows onto the balcony. As a consequence, she has a very special regard for plants and flowers.

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