Snow on the Moon

Under normal conditions, Sue and I generally enjoy the snow, for it has this ability to hide the dirt and the commonplace under a pleasingly changing variable (that is, until the eighteen-wheelers come along and turn everything black). But with Moonshadow outside, the deep snow presented many problems.


Trail to crater.

Anyway, there was the snow and there was Moonshadow, who was always fastidious about keeping dry and clean. (She was the one cat who ever entered the household without any fleas or ticks.) Sue had chosen the feed spot because it was somewhat out of the way of normal foot traffic and gave Moon any number of hiding spots in shadows and behind trunks. No one ever counted on such deep or continuous snow. But Sue was game. After every snowfall she'd make fresh trails going to the crater which she dug so that Moon's paw could have some solid ground--even if it was ice. The one comfort Sue had in all this was the supposition that Moonshadow had a warm place to spend the nights in some hidden corner of the buildings; nevertheless, one night near midnight, Sue looked out the bedroom window, and there was Moon sitting on the ice and staring at the bedroom window. Sue made it outside with food supplies in record time.

Moon and Sue

Moon & Sue in action.

The trails became so popular that other people began using them as well, but the main highlight was seeing Moonshadow running along a trail to greet Sue by the center of the crater.

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