The First Monitor

One of Cloudberry's nicknames is First Monitor, since she likes to keep abreast of every single facet of homelife. I suppose, then, it is only natural that whenever Sue and I return home, Cloudberry's face is visible at the top of the stairway.

And when her face isn't at the top, it is because Cloudberry is right at the door, and she's ready to inspect whatever is being brought inside.

The Cloudberry greeting committee

First monitoring does not stop if Sue and I are home. A favorite perch of Cloud is on the halfwall, which looks some 15 feet straight down. Anyone for whom the door is opened is under instant scrutiny.

(I once read somewhere that one type of animal never looked upward in times of danger. Well, that includes humans. No one ever gazes skyward when entering through the doorway.)

Secretly . . . from above

Of course, both Sue and I are kept under surveillance too. The following photo shows Cloud in one of her observations positions in my office. (It also gives me a chance to show her blue eyes, thanks to the joys of a bounce flash.)
Restful watching

Among Cloud's first monitor duties are to let us know when meals are served, if it is time to go out, whether anyone (who is on a schedule) is to visit, when it's time to go to bed, and so forth. Cloudberry maintains an exhausting schedule for both herself and for us.

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