Lucy and Mom Bear

A little over a year ago, when first coming to live with us, Lucy herself was about a year old, and the senior cats here weren't too forward about becoming friends with her. Therefore, Lucy adopted her own friend, Mom Bear: a plush (or stuffed animal) polar bear who permanently carries a cub.

Even after Lucy won acceptance from the other cats, she has kept up her friendship with Mom Bear, and often enjoys a quiet sit next to her.

Lucy and mom

The photo below shows that Mom Bear is really Mom Bear for Lucy too. Mom is her favorite knead. And whereas Lucy is very easygoing when it comes to selecting something to scratch, she only seriously kneads on top of Mom Bear, who is being progressively flattened under Lucy's weight.
A Lucy knead

Some day we'll have to prop up Mom Bear one way or another. In the meantime, Lucy is very happy with the present arrangement.  

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