For a Better View

Among the cats I have known, Cloudberry has about the shortest legs. She must also be somewhat aware of this, because Cloud no doubt draws upon her meerkat heritage (some millions of years down her mother's side of the family I suspect) and stands whenever there is something worth seeing.


Cloudberry as a birdwatcher.

It's more surprising whenever she starts hopping on her hind legs. Does she have a kangaroo heritage too?

What Cloudberry definitely does have is the nickname "First Monitor." Whatever is going on, she's the first to know about it, indoors or out.

Moonshadow has the nickname "Me Too," for she learned that whatever Cloudberry does is sure to lead to either praise or treats -- except that she doesn't hop around. Moon already has about the longest legs I've seen on a cat. Of course, she doesn't mind leaning on available objects for a better look-see (under Cloudberry's observation naturally).

Moonshadow and Cloudberry

Moonshadows reenters the outdoors under supervision.   


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