Trouble on the Pond
Canada Goose Pairs
June 6, 2022

It began as one of those sunny days by the pond at Toftrees. The breeze was mild, the sun not particularly hot but comfortable. Standing on a log, a Canada goose couple were enjoying the morning pleasantness.
Canada goose pair relaxing

All was well until another goose couple appeared at the farther end of the pond. They were swimming quietly until noticing the pair on the log.
A second Canada goose pair in the distance

The second couple's thought sequence must have gone like this: What!? How dare they? Don't they know that log belonged to them? The turf must be defended!
Canada goose pair in alarm mode

The arriving goose pair went into hysterics. Screaming, honking, and flapping, they charged at the couple on the log.
Canada goose pair charging forward

The final approach had all the preparation for a great battle to unfold.
Canada goose confrontation - the final approach

However, the battle ended before it began. The first couple on the log seemed to say that if these new guys wanted the log so much, they could have it. Why all the fuss over a log?

And so they peacefully swam away, letting the other couple claim the log.

Canada goose resolution - peace better than fighting

Wouldn't it be pleasant if all problems could be solved so easily?

Photo note: I used a Pentax K3-II, with the Pentax 150-450mm lens, in late March 2022, for these photos, taken by the large pond in the Toftrees game land, State College, Pennsylvania.

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