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The Gilded Basilisk
Feb. 28, 2014
The Gilded Basilisk

New from ReAnimus Press, THE GILDED BASILISK by SFWA member Chet Gottfried!

Add a basilisk, a dragon, and weirdragons to the mix-up of a theft going from bad to worse: Friends become enemies and enemies friends, wars loom, and the intrigues threaten the fate of two kingdoms.

Available as an ebook (ASIN: B00HYNCZU4, 355 pages, $3.99) and a paperback (ISBN-13: 978-1494357405, 300 pages, $12.99), The Gilded Basilisk can be purchased from ReAnimus Press, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Try it - you'll like it!

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It's well worth seeing Jeffrey Goodsell's hilarious Basilisk video at Youtube.

EARLY REVIEWS from Amazon Readers

E. Murray: "This tale of a grab for a kingdom could oddly mirror the state of our 21st Century castles. Still, it helps to have some well-placed wizardry, a neophyte dragon and other curious magic on hand . . ."

J. Beamon: "A high fantasy story filled with intrigue and unpredictable magic, it tells the tale of Hugin, a scheming hustler and aspiring innkeeper and his best friend Gier . . ."

J. Goldstrom: "In Basilisk the details are so clear I was right there with the action, whether it involved humans or that notorious basilisk. I'd call this an all-ages story . . ."

A freelancer in book production for forty years, Chet Gottfried lives with his wife Sue, and their three ex-feral cats, in State College, Pennsylvania. He is an active member of SFWA, with stories in Jim Baen's Universe, Aboriginal SF, and Isaac Asimov's SF, as well as stories in small press and online publications.  
Chet Gottfried

On Jan. 21, 2014, ReAnimus Press published Chet's new fantasy novel, The Gilded Basilisk, his second novel.

Chet's website features over a thousand pages covering his nature photography, cartoons, and games, as well as travelogues from his trips to the UK Lake District, Iceland, and the U.S. Southwest.

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