CWC Banding
Two Short-Eared Owls
May 26, 2014

Yesterday was a banding day at Centre Wildlife Care (CWC), the nonprofit animal rehabbing facility of central Pennsylvania: Two short-eared owls were banded (with one being released afterward).

Both short-ears were in a flight cage, where they could practice flying and so build up their strength to lead to their being released back into the wild.

As usual, Robyn Graboski made capturing and holding the first short-eared owl look easy. (For anyone other than a licensed wildlife rehabber, it would be quite a challenge).

Robyn Graboski holding short-eared owl

Next is a portrait of that short-eared owl.
Short-eared owl portrait

Afterward, with Robyn holding the owl, Wayne Laubscher fitted a band (which can be seen in the photo).
Short-eared owl being banded

After being banded, the owl was put in a crate for transport to the release site. Robyn immediately took the second short-eared owl in hand, and the banding procedure was repeated.

I've a photo album with seven more photos and some text about the short-eared owl banding (and the release of one) on Facebook for Centre Wildlife Care (which is a public page and open to everyone).

Photo note: I used a Pentax K20D, with the Sigma 10-20mm lens, for these photos, taken on 25 May 2014.

Note: Last month, I photographed for CWC the release of a saw-whet owl.

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