One Wild Night, 2015
Boalsburg Fire Hall, Boalsburg, PA
Nov. 14, 2015

One Wild Night was a successful fund-raiser that took place on Saturday evening, Nov. 14, 2015, to help generate funds and support for Centre Wildlife Care, a nonprofit organization devoted to wildlife rehabiliation in central Pennsylvania.

Bee Kind Winery gave wine samples throughout the evening, and the event had a free 9-oz. stemless wine glass for each guest

Bee Kind Winery samples

Bloom Pottery featured its famous Olive Oil w/Garlic Infuser plates for bread dipping.

The musical evening included the Norwood Trio playing classical music, Tim Carter on acoustic guitar, Scott Mangene on acoustic guitar, and OverheaD playing rock & roll.

Norwood Trio

A Penn State dance group gave an exhibition of several Argentine tangos.
Argentine tango

One Wild Night had a silent auction, houseplant sale and, of course, Centre Wildlife Care was there with educational animals, Jabebo earrings, animal puppets, and event T-shirts.
Silent auction

There were Cooke Tavern Soups; bread from Gemelli Bakers; appetizers from Home D Pizzeria; potluck from volunteers and supporters; and veggie, fruit, cheese and cracker trays - as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.
Fine dining

Perhaps One Wild Night should have been called a "fun-raiser," inasmuch as dining with Andromeda the red-tailed hawk was a definite step out of the ordinary.

An album of forty photos from the night's entertainment is available at a public album on Facebook.

A video of an Argentine tango performed during One Wild Night is available on Youtube.

The photos and text are put together by me for Robyn Graboski, director of CWC. Any mistakes, omissions, errors, and so forth are all my own.

For more information on wildlife rehabiliation in central Pennsylvania, please visit Centre Wildlife Care.

A CWC bald eagle release

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