Three Zooms to Dew
A macro lens demonstrates its stuff

  These photos stem from the second week in May 2001, after a rainfall.

At first I thought that the plant below was a shrub, but now, in mid-June, it's beginning to bud, so I expect brilliant flowers. Here, however, the main interest is dewdrops. Second, my macro lens (a Panagor 90mm) doesn't have a true zoom but the zoom of a macro inasmuch as one can get closer and closer and closer until incredible detail is revealed.

overall view
  For the second photo, I moved in somewhat closer and concentrated on one of the leaves.
  For the third photo, I moved to within a few inches of a leaf to concentrate on the dewdrops. From this range, the drops are refracting the sun, and each seems to be its own star.
Sunbright dewdrops
  Clicking on the photo above shows a larger-size version, about 65K, which is much better for detail (and those folks with fast modems).

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