Zion Zeke
a western chipmunk


Zion Zeke bounds out from the desert environment by the scenic overlook of the Overlook Trail with singular purpose. People who hang back from the main group are not marveling at the amazing view. Such people would have another interest, such as eating. And Zion Zeke is perfectly willing to share.

Caution inspections by Zeke while moving swiftly soon locate a likely target: a tall stranger with an odd accent.

Zeke approaches

  Success! A Quaker chewy bar has peanut butter and oats: solid nutrition for an ambitious western chipmunk.
Nibbling Zeke

After loading his cheek pouches, Zeke retires into the shade to enjoy his meal at leisure.
Zion Zeke: western chipmunk

  After a shade sojourn, Zeke returns, being willing to share a few more portions.

The eastern chipmunk below, from the Bayard Cutting Aboretum, on Long Island, is perfectly willing to find what he can in semiforested areas.
eastern chipmunk

And that's the difference between western and eastern chipmunks: manners.

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