Wild Violets
common and bird-foot
May 2003

Close to the wetland area of Saddle Rock, Long Island, is a stretch of ground which is generally ignored; consequently, it has a variety of plants, including wildflowers.

In the first half of May, the common violets (show below) became quite numerous.
Common violet
After the week of steady rain, on May 24, I took a goodly number of photos to try to keep track of the changes which were occurring. The common violets were gone, but in one patch, I saw a group of bird-foot violets (somewhat washed out):

Bird-foot violet

The Audubon field guide mentions, in particular, the distinctive leaf of the bird-foot violet but does not illustrate it. Nevertheless, is that leaf shaped like a three-clawed foot or what?

Photography note: Both pictures were taken with a Pentax LX and a Voigtlander 125mm macro lens.


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